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Cozumel ATV and Snorkel tour by Cozumel Concierge.


ATV Jungle & Snorkel Combo

Are you ready for an exciting ATV Adventure through the heart of the Jungles of Cozumel?!
On this adventure ride you will leave from the Mayan Town of “El Cedral,” and visit a natural "cenote" (fresh water lagoon connected through a labyrinth of underground rivers), followed by an underground cave and later on to visit a small Mayan Ruin; all of which are tied to the Mayan Civilization.
After enjoying this exciting ATV ride you will be transported to one of Cozumel’s beautiful beaches where if you choose you may experience a one of a kind snorkel experience at no extra cost in the pristine waters of the Caribbean!

Feel free to extend your stay at the beach for as long as you wish; enjoying the beaches facilities.

ATV To Jade Caverns (no Snorkeling)

New! Now you can enjoy the thrills of riding your ATV to Jade Caverns through the heart of the jungle on an approx. 1 hour actual off-road ride.

The trails surrounding the Mayan village of Cedral will lead you to the exotic Jade cenote, A fresh-water spring that can only be accessed via Xrail or ATV. Swim around and admire its stalactite decorations. Continue the fun as you drive through an ancient Mayan Coral Cave to get a glimpse of the ancient Mayan habitat. It’s a wild ride so be prepared to get dirty.
Bottled water is included. Lockers and closed toe sandals are for rent at the meeting location. Mosquito repellent (important for the rainy season through May -­August), Wear clothes you can dirty up!

  • ATV Snorkel TourExplore the Jungles
  • ATV Snorkel TourSee Mayan Ruins
  • ATV Snorkel TourCool off at the beach!
ATV Snorkel Tour ATV Snorkel Tour ATV Snorkel Tour ATV Snorkel Tour