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Cozumel ATX-Rails and Jade Caverns Expedition by Cozumel Concierge.


ATX Rail Expedition:

Welcome to the Jungle!

Cozumel’s ATX Rail Expedition is not for the faint of heart!

Departing from the oldest pueblo in Cozumel, “El Cedral,”
this 3 hour+ off-road adventure takes you to the interior of the Island (only accessible by Xrail or ATV).

These All Terrain Xrail's, (fully automatic), can seat up to 2 passengers and offer the safest ride on off -road trails, while leaving you surrounded by lush "tropicool" flora and fauna.  Participants Interact with many of our native animal creatures like Eagles, Parrots, Owls and googly-eyed Chameleons at El Cedral. (Bring your camera for some great pics) After a brief safety orientation of your ATX Rail, tour guides strap you in – Woohoo, enjoy the winding and wild ride to Jade Caverns!

Upon arrival to this natural wonder, Jade Caverns will leave you awe-struck as you witness a cave system that protrudes out into the jungle, complete with stalactites and cliffs. The rock formations and vegetation transport you back 2,000 years in time, when Cozumel was home to the ancient Mayan Indians.
This jungle oasis is full of rare, tropical species of Orchids, Vanilla, and Palms. Dive or jump (like I did!) from 20 feet above into fresh emerald waters and relax in this exotic playground of the Maya's.

The last leg of your tour is a 35 minute ride back to your starting point.

Make sure to watch the virtual tour of the ATX Rails in action located in the right column of this page for a taste of this one-of-a-kind excursion. Are you ready?!

  • ATX-rails - Jade CavernsThe adventure of ATX!
  • ATX-rails - Jade CavernsExplore the interior of Cozumel
  • ATX-rails - Jade CavernsFun for the whole family
  • ATX-rails - Jade CavernsCool off in a refreshing cenote!
ATX-rails - Jade CavernsATX-rails - Jade CavernsATX-rails - Jade CavernsATX-rails - Jade Caverns