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Deep Sea Fishing; By Cozumel Concierge

Cozumel Deep Sea Fishing: The waters off the cost of Cozumel Island Mexico and the mainland are some of the most fertile fishing gounds in the world.

Enjoy world class fishing during your Cozumel vacation with one of the best guides on the island. Our Captain has decades of local fishing experience and will be your personal guide as you fish the deep water channel between Cozumel and the Mainland.

The crew is professional and attentive and they know where the "sweet spots" are!

If you are ready for an exciting and challenging deep sea fishing adventure, this is the excursion for you.

Option 1. A Full Day is $ 525.00 US. This includes 4 lines and a down-rigger, beer, sodas, and lunch on-board. The rate is based on 5 people. The boat is a 31 foot Rampage (named "Tuna II"). This beautifully maintained boat has all of the creature comforts of your home on the water. This price is not per person; it is the full day price for up to 5 people; This Includes an air-conditioned salon and clean bathroom. To view a slide show of the Tuna II click here.

Option 2. If a 41 foot Hatteras is more your style, and you don't mind paying an extra premium for luxury ($525 for a half day and $675 for a full day), then here is another Cozumel Fishing experience to check out! Our upscale excursion includes an air-conditioned salon and bathroom, beer, snacks, soft drinks, water, and a wide beam.

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