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Cozumel Parasailing excursion.


Cozumel Parasailing: is a thrill like no other. See the beauty of  Cozumel from 500 feet up in the air!

In "Rocket Man," Elton John sings of being "high as a kite." Maybe he's been parasailing. If you've ever wondered what it's like to be a human kite, this exciting adventure is your answer! Securely suspended from a harness seat and hooked to a speedboat hundreds of feet below, parasailing enthusiasts experience not just the rush of acrophobic adrenaline, but the awesome serenity of un-powered flight; an experience usually reserved for birds. And best of all Parasailing is a blast!

Through an ingenious rope-and-pulley system, The Captain and crew have it worked out so that you take off and land right on the platform. And if you feel adventurous you can even request a tourchdown in the water along the way for fun! As you wait for your turn to parasail, your friendly staff will explain some safety precautions and give you tips on how they will prepare you for the flight of your life, and for a smooth landing.

The experience is surreal; like a dream of flying!

  • ParasailingFly like a bird!
  • ParasailingSmooth landings
  • ParasailingRide tandum
  • ParasailingSafe platform takeoff
Parasailing Parasailing Parasailing Parasailing

The History of Parasailing:

In 1961, the Pioneer Parachute Company gave parasailing its formal name, but credit goes to Mark McCulloh, who developed parasailing as we know it. He was the first to parasail commercially in 1970. Initially, he used specially made platforms set on the shore to launch a parascender into the air, but in 1972 he turned his static platforms into motorized platforms to take the parascender directly into the sea. In 1974, McCulloh further developed his platform and attached it to a boat with the ability to pull the parascender back to the boat. This was considered the greatest development of parasailing, since it allowed the parascender to take off and land on the boat platform in the middle of the sea.

Things to consider before deciding who to parasail with:

Make sure that you do not parasail during strong winds and always make sure to parasail with a reputable company. This is where Cozumel Concierge comes in. We have the ability to work with anyone on the island and living here gives us the unique advantage of knowing who has the best safety record and who has the most experienced team. And you will always receive orientation and instructions prior to the harness being secured. The equipment is in top shape and the boat captain and crew have the experience necessary to make your flight an exciting and memorable experience!

Space is limited to make sure to secure your reservation in advance. In the upper right hand side of this page you will find pricing and be able to make your reservation on line.