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The only working Pearl Farm in the Caribbean by Cozumel Concierge.

The Cozumel Pearl Farm is the only pearl farm to be found in the Caribbean. It is one of the most unique experiences you'll ever have!

The History of the Cozumel Pearl Farm:

During the course of the Camaaño family's research (owners of this eco-farm), traveling throughout the coastal regions of Mexico, they discovered a white pearl producing oyster right here on Cozumel, presumed to be extinct (known as the "Pearl Oyster Pinctada Radiata”)! In 2001, the first Caribbean Oyster Pearl Farm was introduced. This breed of oyster is not edible but characteristically has a beautiful iridescent inner shell (nacre or "mother of pearl").

Sadly, just when the farm was coming of age, Hurricane Wilma (2005) decimated the area. (It takes YEARS for a Pearl Oyster to produce). Just as you could not imagine Robinson Crusoe giving up, neither did the dream of this very strong-willed family. Rebuilding from scratch, they had the good fortune of incorporating the newest advances and innovations not available during the construction of the first Oyster Pearl Farm. This new technology protected these endangered mollusks from predators, and their population grew. Success! An artificial reef was also added to attract fish species for great snorkeling! (Snorkel equipment included!)

Conservation Program & Cultivation:

Learn how these amazing sea creatures feed, and how the larva are captured and placed in special containers that protect them from predators, while allowing them to feed on the nutrients from the water. Guests are educated, by a Marine Biologist, how oysters are stimulated to produce their precious and beautiful fruit, THE WHITE PEARL.

The tour starts from a downtown pier, where guests are picked-up by boat, as the farm is located in a remote area of beach only accessible via boat! Upon arrival to this slice of paradise, an orientation begins. You are invited to view the oyster farm’s rustic thatch roof museum to discover the fascinating history of the Cozumel Pearl Farm, and learn how the oysters are maintained, before putting on your snorkel equipment to witness this underwater farm and artificial reef first hand!

Here are some features and benefits of the tour:

A fantastic boat ride in the azure seas of Cozumel to this very special and exclusive stretch of beach. The colors and cleanliness of the water are unlike any other place in the Caribbean! For this reason, biodegradable sunscreen is a must. Enjoy excellent snorkel time viewing the underwater farm, marine life, artificial reef, large underwater statue. By routinely restricting group size, the beach farm area remains an intimate and safe conservation zone.

For a sneak preview check out our Virtual Tour!

Tour Includes: Snorkel equipment, personal snorkel time, delicious Black Angus hamburgers*, salad, soft drinks, cold Mexican beer, purified water, awesome beach time & relaxation, shade & hammocks, boat ride to and from the farm(*vegetarian lunch available by prior request).

Recommended: Eco friendly sunscreen & bug spray, beach towel, cash for pearl souvenir boutique.

Tour runs Monday – Saturday, 10:00 a.m. departure
(about 6 hours from pick-up to drop-off).


Boat has a limited capacity of only 12 participants, so be sure to reserve your space right away.