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Cozumel Horseback Riding by Cozumel Concierge.


Cozumel Horseback Riding Adventure #1:

Saddle up and enjoy an unforgettable ride through the jungles and Savannas of Cozumel! Travel inside jungle paths to Cozumel’s oldest pueblo, El Cedral; located in the middle of the jungle. “El Cedral,” is home to many local artisans ~ hand-made hammocks, arts n' crafts, hand-carved and folkloric souvenirs are sold here. Flavored tequila tasting is also available here.

Before starting your equestrian adventure each rider is given a brief orientation and safety instructions. As you gently ride to your destinations, relax and take in the natural wonders of a lush Caribbean Selva (jungle) and let your senses explore the flora and fauna. Beautiful, exotic indigo butterflies flutter along the paths along the way to your first destination; a cavern which was used by ancient Mayans as shelter from the elements over 2000 years ago. The cavern is itself over 8,000 years old!

The next stop along your jungle journey will be "El Cedral;” the only town located in the heart of the island. Here riders will take a 15 minute rest, see the first catholic church of Cozumel (very quaint and charming) and view its historic Mayan Ruin that dates back 2000 years. You can even buy some local artesian art from some of the local vendors while stretching your legs a bit.

The trail continues to a Savanna and opens to a wider trail where if you have been waiting to gallop, this is the time!! (those of you who are beginner riders may prefer walking your horse there!!) The guide will then return you to their authentic Mexican ranch, where kind Mexican ranch hands have been working since Cozumel was still a sleepy little fishing village! The total riding time and orientation is approximately 2 hours. This ride is an unforgettable jungle horseback riding adventure


Cozumel Horseback Riding Adventure #2:

Get ready for a totally different horseback riding experience. This time make sure to wear your bathing suit!

Upon your arrival to Adventure #2’s ranch location (which is closer to town and the cruise ship pier than the Adventure #1), you will be given an orientation so that you understand where your horse will be taking you! Your English/Spanish speaking guide will match you up with an appropriate horse depending on your size & skill level. That's right, after a brief orientation, saddle up and head through the jungle paths to a beautiful and refreshing swim in a crystal clear, fresh-water cenote (pronounced say-no-tae)! Ride through Cozumel's lush jungle paths that will bring you to a most special spot; a cenote in the middle of the Jungle! A cenote is a fresh- water pond that is interconnected through miles of underground rivers; Historically, the cenote was once the life blood of civilization to the Mayas. The water is deliciously fresh and cool; not stagnant and green as one would expect from a pond in other parts of the world. These interconnected rivers are one of the natural wonders of the island . You will also be refreshed and ready to explore an enchanting Mayan Steam bath as well as some small scale ruins. We are certain that you will enjoy this most exceptional tour!

Our horseback riding adventures (both of them) are COMPLETELY different and are in separate locations. No prior experience is needed for either ride, but if you are an Equestrian and feel the need for speed, there are some areas that riders can cantor through on both excursions. Indicate which tour you are interested in and follow the directions on your confirmation form to make sure that you are taken to the right horseback riding location. Exact, detailed instructions on your E-ticket will be sent to you within 24 hours of making the reservation deposit. Please print out the confirmation letter and show it to your taxi driver; he’ll know where to take you. It is just that simple! Happy Trails!

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