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Passion Island Cozumel.


Passion Island is one of the top things to do while you are here on vacation.

Imagine a lazy day spent on the most pristine white sand beach on Cozumel, which has hidden rivers and mangrove's that have been untouched by man for thousands of years.

Passion Island's history traces back to 2000 years and is rich in Mayan legend. Leave only footsteps as you enjoy the same unspoiled environments that were traveled by the ancients of Cozumel. Step into a mystical world of natural beauty. Share the experience with your family and friends.

Once you step foot on Passion Island, you will know that you have arrived in a very special place.

This unique tour from start to finish is approximately 5 hours long with three full hours of Beach combing/relaxation/Play/Eat/Drink and be merry time! It starts off with a ride to Bahia Ciega (15 miles north of the international pier). Upon your arrival your guide will give you a brief history of the island, and will tell you about all of the activities that will be available to you during your visit to Passion Island.

Once you get to Bahia Ciega (blind bay) you will board a boat that will take you the short distance to the island. And once you are there you will be given the rest of your orientation before setting you free to enjoy the many pleasures of the island.

There is a full complimentary Mexican Buffet; complete with Mayan barbeque chicken, rice, deliciously grilled fish, salad, fresh vegetables, the worlds best guacamole, fresh fruits, sweet breads, chips, salsa, soft drinks, beer, tequila sunrise, rum punch, margaritas and so much more!

You can even play volleyball, soccer, or even enjoy a refreshing game of water balloon toss! Feeling lazy? That's OK too; you can just lounge around on a hammock or a beach chair.

For those with kids this is also a great place to let them run free while you enjoy your own quality time. If you have a high speed internet connection you can even watch our Passion Island Kids slide show by clicking here!

Passion Island itself is the largest white sand beach on Cozumel!

In summary your tour includes:

  • All of the facilities of this unique private island
  • Dazzling Crystal Clear Water
  • The largest and most beautiful beach on Cozumel
  • Refreshing welcome drink and open spirits bar!
  • Delicious Mexican Buffet and Guacamole
  • Cheerful Latin Music
  • Fresh water Showers.
  • Fun and exciting beach games
  • Wide Variety of Activities for all ages
  • Beautiful Natural Sanctuary
  • Relaxation at your leisure
  • Nice and Comfortable Hammocks
  • Open Air Shopping
  • Fascinating Hiking Adventures
  • And qualified first aid professionals