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Cozumel SCUBA diving;(2 reef dive)

Cozumel is among the most popular dive destinations in the world. And our dive master Louise and crew are among the most knowledgeable on the island. When it comes to SCUBA diving, we hope that you will consider Cozumel Concierge as your personal guide.

We are certified divers with over 25 years of diving experience and we are familiar with the many diving options available. We make SCUBA diving recommendations based on a thorough knowledge of the local reef system.

Safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we are confident that once you dive with us, you will return time after time..

Our dive master Louise is a specialty dive instructor (specializing in night, Nitrox, Deep, Navegation, and peak performance boyancy) He is among the most knowledgeable on the island.

Some of the more frequently visited reefs are Palancar, Columbia, Tormentos, Santa Rosa Wall, Las Palmas Wall, Chankanaab, and Paradise reef.

Your dive profile will be approximately 3 to 4 hours. Our dive boats are fast and the maximum occupancy is 6, however, for larger groups we will make arrangements to hire a larger boat. After boarding you will discuss the various options catered to your personal diving experience. Louise will describe the unique characteristics of each reef in order to set up the optimum dive profile.

The first reef will take you to a maximum depth that is commensurate with your individual experience. Mixed groups will have mixed dive profiles. Your surface interval will be spent on a beach close to your second dive spot where you will enjoy soft drinks, water, fruits, and sandwiches at no extra charge (if you are familiar with Cozumel drift diving you will know that this is not always the case).

Personalized safe service, catering to individual divers needs, is our specialty.

When it comes to SCUBA diving, we hope that you will consider Cozumel Concierge as your personal dive connection.

To make your reservation make sure you fill out the information on the form field to the right and we will take care of the logistics. After receiving your deposit we will send you a detailed reservation confirmation. When you get to Cozumel we will have your tanks full and waiting for you to enjoy world class diving!

  • Cozumel SCUBASwim with Sea Turtles
  • Cozumel SCUBASplendid toadfish
  • Cozumel SCUBAAbundant life
  • Cozumel SCUBAGreat visibility
Cozumel SCUBA Cozumel SCUBA Cozumel SCUBA Cozumel SCUBA